Keeping Your Eastern CT Family Safe From Electrical Hazards

child playing with electric outletElectricity is a vital part of everyday life. It keeps your lights on, powers your favorite entertainment devices and helps keep your home warm. It is an essential part of keeping your family safe and healthy. But there is a downside to electricity, especially as it relates to children. Nichols and Son Electric LLC is deeply concerned about the health and comfort of all our customers, especially the children. Here are some tips to keep your children safe from electric shock.

Don’t overload outlets in your home

People love surge protectors. They allow you to plug in many more appliances into a socket than would normally allow. They provide a false sense of security when it comes to children. So many plugs into one outlet creates quite an array of playthings I child may decide to use. Plugging and unplugging appliances into live sockets is a common way a child can get shocked. You may want to keep areas where surge protectors are most common, a home office for instance, off limits to the small children in your home. In areas of the home where children do play, keep electrical appliances separated so they aren’t all plugged into the same socket. Installing child-proof sockets is another strong step towards safety.

Cover up electric outlets that aren’t in use

Covering up outlets will increase safety and help conserve energy in your home. Cold air from the outside can drift into the home through a socket. Covering them up will reduce the draft getting into the home. That is a win, win.

Warn your children about playing by electrical equipment

Have a conversation with your child about playing around the transformer box in either your front or back yard. The transformer delivers the final voltage transformation just before supplying power to your entire house, That poses a serious safety threat if it’s interacted with wrongly.

Don’t keep electric appliances near the sink

Most adults know that water and electricity isn’t a good combination. But your kids may not be as educated about this as they should be. So, in addition to discussing the dangers of being around water and electricity at the same time, you may want to place electrical appliances away from sinks and other sources of water.

For starters, keep hair straighteners and blow dryers stored away when not in use. In the kitchen, make sure the toaster, blender, and other electric appliances, is far enough from the sink that your child won’t be able to move it on their own.

Keep your eastern CT family safe by calling Nichols And Son Electric LLC. The expert electricians at Nichols and Son Electric have been keeping Connecticut families safe for over 30 years.  We are available and ready to serve you.